June 2, 2023

Sony Playstation 2

I Currently Own ** of ** European Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** Japanese Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** USA Released Games For This System


HD Loader (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
Swap Magic Version 2.0 (CD Disc, DVD Disc)

Demo Discs (European)
PBX-95514 Demo Disc (Disc, Case Sleeve)

Demo Discs (USA)
SLUS-29159 Shonen Jumps One Piece – Grand Battle (Disc, Cardboard Sleeve)
SCUS-97270 Kiosk Demo Disc 2.9 (Disc, Plastic Sleeve)
SCUS-07572 Rogue Galaxy (Disc, Mailer Sleeve, Fabric Flag)
SLUS-29157 Dragon Quest VIII – Journey Of The Cursed King (Disc, Sleeve)
SCUS-97528 Holiday 2005 Demo Disc (Disc, Sleeve Mailer)

Games (Opened) (European)
WM Nationalspieler (Case, Disc, Case Artwork, Manual)

Games (Opened) (Japanese)
Gran Turismo 4 (Box, Case, Case Artwork, Reference Guide, Gran Turismo Collection Booklet, Manual)
SCPS-55017 Tekken 4 (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLPM-65004 Reiselied – Ephemeral Fantasia (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLPM-65248 Shin Sangoku Musou 3 (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork, Controls Sheet)
SLPM-66481 Dragon Quest VIII – Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi [Ultimate Hits] (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLPS-25003 Evergrace (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)

Games (Opened) (USA)
SLUS-20011 Orphen – Scion of Sorcery (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20018 Onimusha Warlords (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20018 Onimusha Warlords (Disc)
SLUS-20040 Gradius III & IV (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20175 Mobile Suit Gundam – Journey to Jaburo (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20184 Resident Evil Code Veronica X (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork) [Missing DMC Demo]
SLUS-20267 .Hack – Infection / .Hack – Part 1 – Infection (Case, Disc, DVD)
SLUS-20318 Kings Field – The Ancient City (Case, Disc, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20371 The Thing (Case, Disc, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20393 Onimusha 2 – Samurais Destiny (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20485 Dino Stalker (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20511 Hunter The Reckoning – Wayward (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20562 .Hack – Infection / .Hack – Part 2 – Mutation (Case, Disc, DVD)
SLUS-20563 .Hack – Infection / .Hack – Part 3 – Outbreak (Case, Disc, DVD, Manual)
SLUS-20591 Dragon Ball Z – Budokai (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork, Poster)
SLUS-20622 Silent Hill 3 (Case, Disc, MusicCD, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20669 Resident Evil – Dead Aim (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20694 Onimusha 3 – Demon Siege (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20763 Beyond Good & Evil (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20779 Dragon Ball Z – Budokai 2 (Case, Case Artwork)
SLUS-21134 Resident Evil 4 (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-21227 Dragon Ball Z – Budokai Tenkaichi (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-21227 Dragon Ball Z – Budokai Tenkaichi (Disc)
SLUS-21348 Yakuza (Disc)
SLUS-21653 Heavenly Guardian (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-97112 Extermination (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork, PlayStation Underground Mailer)
SLUS-21208 Tony Hawks – American Wasteland (Disc, Manual)
SLUS-20917 Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Disc, Manual)
SLUS-20910 Test Drive – Eve Of Destruction (Disc)
SLUS-21602 Transformers The Game (Disc)
SLUS-21418 Sprint Cars – Road To Knoxville (Disc)
SLUS-21075 Haunting Ground (Disc)
SLUS-20763 Beyond Good And Evil (Disc)
SLUS-21315 50 Cent – Bulletproof (Disc)
SLUS-20878 Samurai Warriors (Disc)
SLUS-20541 NBA Ballers (Disc)
SLUS-20534 Cabelas Big Game Hunter (Disc)
SLUS-21016 25 To Life (Disc)
SLUS-20277 Dynasty Warriors 3 (Disc)
SLUS-21560 Family Guy – Video Game (Disc)
SCUS-97405 ATV Off Road Fury 3 (Disc)
SLUS-21575 Naruto – Ultimate Ninja 2 (Disc)
SLUS-21690 Alone In The Dark (Disc)
SLUS-20529 Madden NFL 2003 (Disc)
SLUS-20371 The Thing (Disc)
SCUS-97621 Twisted Metal Head-On – Extra Twisted Edition (Disc)
SLUS-20209 Midnight Club II (Disc)
SLUS-21137 Tom Clancys – Splinter Cell – Chaos Theory (Disc)
SLUS-21264 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 (Disc)

Games (Opened) (USA) Bundle/Collections
SLUS-20765p3 Resident Evil Outbreak (Case, Disc, Manual, Case Artwork)
SLUS-20909P3 Crash Twin Sanity (Disc)
SLUS-21586P3 Guitar Hero – Encore Rocks The 80s (Disc)
SLUS-20484P3/20027P3 Devil May Cry 2 (Disc)

Games (Opened) (USA) Greatest Hits
SCUS-97465 Ratchet – Deadlocked (Disc)
SLUS-20273GH Namco Museum – 50th Anniversary (Disc)
SLUS-20336GH Spider-man (Disc)
SLUS-29546GH Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (Disc)
SLUS-20779GH Dragon Ball Z – Budokai 2 (Disc)

Games (Unopened) (USA)

Official US PlayStation Magazine (Opened) (USA)
Note: Discs playable for PS2 systems are 49,51,53,55-112
Issue Number 49 (Disc)
Issue Number 51 (Disc)
Issue Number 57 (Disc)
Issue Number 58 (Disc)
Issue Number 63 (Disc)
Issue Number 65 (Disc)
Issue Number 66 (Disc)
Issue Number 69 (Disc)
Issue Number 70 (Disc)
Issue Number 75 (Disc)
Issue Number 76 (Disc)
Issue Number 79 (Disc)
Issue Number 82 (Disc)
Issue Number 86 (Disc)
Issue Number 88 (Disc)

Sony PlayStation 2 (SCPH-)
Sony PlayStation 2 (SCPH-)
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