June 7, 2023

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

I Currently Own ** of ** European Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** Japanese Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** USA Released Games For This System

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K Plus

Retail Tapes:
Angle Ball
Arcade Action
Bruce Lee
Computer Scrabble
Disco Dan
Halls of The Things
Jon Ritman’s Match Day II
Macadam Bumper
Mini Office
Oh Mummy
Operation Wolf
Road Blasters
Skate Crazy
Soccer 7
Tasword Two
Thunder Blade
Top Gun
Trival Pursuit
World Soccer Lague
Yabba dabba Doo!
ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette

128 6-Pack
Ian Botham’s Test match, Hard, Mutations, Superfile, One For The Road, Who Said That

TNT: Danger Explosive Software – Zybots, Toobin, APB, Dragon Spirit, Hard Drivin
Classic Arcadia Triple Decker 4 – Invaders, Muncher, Axiens

Crash Magazine Tapes
Sep 1989 – Rockman, Temple of Vran, Super Sleuth, Sceptre of Bagdad
Aug 1990 – Gladiator, Satcom, Ruff & Ready Demo, Assassin, Deja-Vu The Remix
May 1991 – Dark Star, Tour de Force, Countdown to the Death, Butch Hard Guy, Heroquest Demo

Sinclair User Tapes:
[Sinclair User Issue 103] Double Hits 4 – Mutants (Full Game), NIghtbreed (Demo)
[Sinclair User Issue 106] Six of the Best 2 – Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Demo, PANG (Demo), Galvan (Full Game), Blackbeard (Full Game), Tenth Frame
(Full Game), Crystal Castle (Full Game)
[Sinclair User Issue 108] Six of the Best 4 – Gazza 2 (Demo), Gutz (Full Game), Bedlam (Full Game), Wizard Wars (Full Game), Dynamite Dan (Full Game)

[Sinclair User Issue 110] The Great 8 6 [Apr 1991] – Predator 2 (Demo), Mean Streak (Full Game), Halls of Things (Full Game), Rommel’s Revenge (Full Game), Return of the Things (Full Game), Invasion of the body Snatchers (Full Game)
[Sinclair User Issue 120] The Great 8 15 [Feb 1992] – Marsport (Full Game), Saga of Barbarin (Full Game), Steevo’s World (Full Game),
[Sinclair User Issue 113] The Great 8 9 [Jul 1991] – Crosswize (Full Game), Talking Heads (Full Game), Solaris (Full Game), Gunhead (Full Game), Adventure Quest (Full Game), Twinz (Full Game)
[Sinclair User Issue 121] The Great 8 16 [Mar 1992] – Robocop 3 (Demo), Dark Sceptre (Full Game), Freaky Footy (Full Game), Lords of Midnight (Full Game)
[Sinclair User Issue 114] The Great 8 12 [Aug 1991] – Maze Chase (Full Game), Backgammon (Full Game), Spectral Panic (Full Game), Knight Driver (Full Game), Di-Lithium Lift (Full Game), Hydrofool (Full Game)

Your Sinclair Magazine Tapes
Christmas Collection [Jan 1991] – Chubby Gristle (Full Game), Hydrofool (Full Game), Quazatron (Full Game), Gazza 2 (Demo), The Hunt For Red Ocotober (Demo)
Four Pack 1 [Oct 1990] – Rebel (Full Game), Fued (Full Game), Tau ceti (Full Game), Ironman (Demo)
Four Pack 2 [Nov 1990] – Pool (Full Game), Piggy Tales (Full Game), Empire (Full Game), Rugby (Full Game)
Four Pack 4 [Feb 1991] – Marsport (Full Game), Ninja Hamster (Full Game), Wizard’s Lair (Full Game), Moonlight Madness (Full Game),

The Magnificent 7 #2 [May 1991] – Tir Na Nog (Full Game), 10th frame (Full Game), Ninja Hamster (Full Game), How to Be A Complete (Full Game), Armalyte (Demo)
The Magnificent 7 #3 [Jun 1991] – The Ice Template (Full Game), Rampage (Full Game), Syntax (Full Game), Top Fruit Machine (Full Game), Mystical (Demo), Dominion (Demo)
The Magnificent 7 #4 [Jul 1991] – Double Agent (Full Game), Brainstorm (Full Game), Hijack (Full Game), Ad Astra (Full Game), Megaphoenix (Demo), Cromwell at War (Demo)
The Magnificent 7 #7 [Oct 1991] – Klimax (Full Game), Prince of Persia (Demo), Nigel Mansell’s Gran Prix (Demo), World Cup Rugby (Demo), Chevy Chase (Demo)
The Magnificent 7 [Oct 1992] – Wiggler (Full Game), Anttilis Mission (Full Game), Z-Man (Full Game), Mental Block (Full Game), Sam Light Cycle (Demo)



Games (Opened)

Games (Unopened)


Pole Position (Tape, Case Artwork)

cave Mania (Tape, Case Artwork)
Crossfire (Tape, Case Artwork)

Code Masters
4 Soccer Simulators (Tape, Case Artwork)
Pub Trivia Simulator (Tape, Case Artwork)
Vampre (Tape, Case Artwork) [Artwork Moldy]
Quattro – Power (Tape, Case Artwork)
Quattro – Super hits (Tape, Case Artwork)
Super Robin Hood (Tape, Case Artwork)
Advanced Pinball Simulator (Tape, Case Artwork)
Pro Boxing Simulator (Tape, Case Artwork)

Frank Bruno’s Boxing (Tape, Case Artwork)
Paperboy (Tape, Case Artwork)

Entertainment USA from Mastertronic
Video Poker (Tape, Case Artwork)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Tape, Case Artwork)
Summer Games (Tape, Case Artwork)
World Class Leader Board
World Games (Tape, Case Artwork)

Longman Software
Wild Words (Tape, Case Artwork) [AArtwork Damaged]

Molecule Man (Tape, Case Artwork)

Mastertronic Added Dimension (M.A.D.)
Angle Ball (Tape, Case Artwork)
Con-Quest (Tape, Case Artwork)
Ultimate Combat Mission (Tape, Case Artwork)

Micro Mega
Braxx Bluff

Riccohet by Mastertronic
Tempest (Tape, Case Artwork)

Sinclair Software by Psion
Vu-Calc (Tape, Case Artwork)
Horizons – Software Starter Pack (Tape, Case Artwork)
Chequered Flag (Tape, Case Artwork)
Flight Simulator (Tape, Case Artwork)
Chess (Tape, Case Artwork)