February 4, 2023

Nintendo Game Boy Color

I Currently Own ** of ** European Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** Japanese Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** USA Released Games For This System

Interact – HandyPak Color

GameShark (For Game Boy Color and Game Boy Pocket)

Games (Opened)
720 (Cart, Clear Case)
Batman Beyond – Return Of the Joker (Cart, Clear Case)
Blade (Cart, Clear Case)
Conkers Pocket Tales (Cart, Clear Case)
Disneys Tarzan (Cart, Clear Case)
Disneys The Little Mermmaid – Pinball Frenzy (Cart) [Missing Battery Cover]
Harry Potter – And The Chamber Of Secrets (Cart, Clear Case)
NHL Blades Of Steel (Cart, Clear Case)
Quest For Camelot (Cart, Clear Case)
Rocket Power – Gettin Air (Cart, Clear Case)
Rugrats (Cart, Clear Case) [Damaged Label]
Shadowgate Classic (Cart, Clear Case)
The Grinch (Cart, Clear Case, Manual)
The Legend Of Zelda – Links Awakening DX (Cart, Clear Case, Manual)
Tony Hawks Pro Skater (Cart, Clear Case, Manual)
Rocket Power – Gettin Air (Manual)

Games (Unopened)