June 7, 2023

Nintendo 64

I Currently Own ** of ** European Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** Japanese Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** USA Released Games For This System

Interact – DexDrive (Box, Black Tray, DexDrive, Power Cable, Manual, Interact Catalog, Warranty Card, Yellow How To Sheet, Diskette1 SY-388 (Ver 1.10.950), Diskette2 SY-388 (Ver 1.10.950))
LN6401 LodgeNet Controller [Missing LodgeNet Box]
LN6401 LodgeNet Controller [Missing LodgeNet Box]


Games (Opened) (Japanese)
Diddy Kong Racing (Cart)

Games (Opened) (USA)
(Unknown Black Cartridge) (Cart)
1080 Degrees Snowboarding (Cart)
All-Star Baseball 2000 (Cart)
All-Star Baseball 2001
All-Star Baseball 99 (Cart)
Army Men – Sarges Heroes 2 (Cart)
Army Men Sarges Heroes (Cart)
Bio Freaks (Cart)
Blast Corps (Cart)
Blues Brothers 2000 (Box, and Cart)
Body Harvest (Cart)
Bottom Of The 9th (Cart)
Crusin USA (Cart)
Dark Rift (Cart)
Diddy Kong Racing (Cart)
Doom 64 (Cart)
Excitebike 64 (Cart)
F-1 World Grand Prix (Cart)
Fighters Destiny 2 (Box Only)
Forsaken 64 (Cart)
Gauntlet Legends (Cart)
Hercules – The Legendary Journeys (Cart)
Hybrid Heaven (Cart)
Jet Force Gemini (Cart)
Madden 2000 (Cart)
Madden 99 (Cart)
Madden Football 64 (Cart)
Mario Kart 64 (Player’s Choice) (Cart)
Mia Hamm Soccer (Cart)
Mickey’s Speedway USA (Cart)
Mike Piazzas Strike Zone (Box Only)
Mission Impossible (Cart)
Mortal Kombat Mythologies – Sub-zero (Cart)
NBA Hang Time (Box Only)
NBA In The Zone 98 (Cart)
NFL Quarterback Club 2000 (Cart)
NFL Quarterback Club 98 (Cart)
NFL Quarterback Club 99 (Cart)
NHL Breakaway 98 (Cart)
Perfect Dark (Cart)
Quake II (Cart)
Resident Evil 2 (Cart)
Ridge Racer 64 (Cart)
Rugrats – Scavenger Hunt (Cart)
Scooby-Doo – Classic Creep Caper (Cart)
Shadowman (Cart)
South Park (Cart)
Space Invaders (Box Only)
Star Wars – Shadows Of the Empire (Cart)
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (Cart)
Star Wars Rogue Squadron (Cart)
Tetrisphere (Box, and Manual)
Toy Story 2 (Cart)
Turok The Dinosaur Hunter (Cart)
Turok 2 – Seeds Of Evil (Box Only)
Vigilante 8 (Cart)
Walalae Country Club (Cart)
War Gods (Cart)
Wave Race 64 (Cart)
Waynes Gretzkys 3D Hockey (Cart)
WCW Mayhem (Cart)
WCW/NWO Revenge (Cart)
Winback (Cart)
WWF Attitude (Cart)
WWF No Mercy (Cart)
WWF War Zone (Cart)
Xena Warrior Princess – The Talisman Of Fate (Box, Cart, Manual, Nintendo Power Mailaway, Precautions, and Registration Card)

Games (Unopened)