June 7, 2023

Commodore 64

I Currently Own ** of ** European Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** Japanese Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** USA Released Games For This System


Applications Carts
Music Machine
Radar Rat Race

Applications Disks

Applications Tapes

Games (Opened) Carts

Games (Opened) Disks
ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter (Case, Disk, Cover Art, Manual)
Fun School 4 (Box, Disk, Manual)
Gary Linekers Super Skills (Case, Disk, Cover Art, Controls Sheet)
Nato Assault Course (Case, Disk, Cover Art)
Questron II (Box, Disk, Manual, and Command Card)
Shadow Warrios (Box, Tape, Manual, Ocean Baggie)
Solo Flight (Box, Disk, Manual, and Micro Prose Product Catalog)
The Simpsons – Bart Vs The Space Mutants (Box, Tape, Manual, Ocean Baggie

Games (Opened) Tapes
(Unknown tape, it not numbered says Copyright 1985) (Tape Only)
Caesar The Cat (Tape Only)
California Gold Rush (Tape, Case Artwork)
Cartoon Collection – CJ Elephant Antics/Slightly Magic/Dizzy/Spike In Transylvania (Tape Only)
Cartoon Collection – Seymour At The Movies (Tape Only)
Confuzion (Tape, Case Artwork)
Count Duckula – No Sax Please/We’re Egyptian (Tape, Case Artwork)
Crazy Balloon (Tape, Case Artwork)
Demon’s kiss (Tape, Case Artwork)
Dizzy Dice (Tape, Case Artwork)
Escape From Singe’s Castle (Tape, Case Artwork)
Excaliba (Tape, Case Artwork)
F-15 STrike Eagle (Box, Tape, Manual,
Felix In The Factoryv
Fire Zone (Box, Tape, Manual, Warranty Card, Quick Key Guide, Designers Hex Sheet)
Grid Trap (Tape, Case Artwork)
International Karate+ (Tape Only)
Lazy Jones (Tape, Case Artwork)
Maggot Mania (Tape, Case Artwork)
Micro Rhyh+ (Tape, Case Artwork)
Monopoly (Box, Tape, Manual)
Monster Much (Tape, Case Artwork)
Operation Wolf (Tape Only)
Overlander (Case, Tape, Cover Artwork)
Pakacuda (Tape, Case Artwork)
Park Patrol (Tape, Case Artwork) [Case Artwork Damaged]
Pipeline 2 (Super Pipeline 2) (Tape, Case Artwork)
Power Pack 25 (Tape Only)
Power Pack 25 Extra Tape – Saracen Paint (Tape, Case Artwork)
Reel Action #2 (Tape Only)
Soccer Star (Tape, Case Artwork)
Spooks (Tape, Case Artwork)
Star Trek (Tape Only)
Super Demon Slayer (Tape, Case Artwork)
Thunderbolt/Arcade Flight Sim/SAS Combat Sim/Ninja Massacre (Tape Only)
Time Traveller (Tape Only)
Time Traveller (Tape, Case Artwork)
Valhalla (Box, Tape)
Velnor’s Lair (Tape, Case Artwork)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Tape, Case Artwork)
ZZAP! Megatape 27 (Tape, Case Artwork)

Games (Unopened) Carts

Games (Unopened) Disks

Games (Unopened) Tapes

Commodore 64C (European)
Commodore 64C (European) (Test Pilot Bundle)
Commodore Datasette
Commodore Datasette
Floppy Disk Drive (European)
Floppy Disk Drive (USA)