June 6, 2023


I Currently Own ** of ** European Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** Japanese Released Games For This System
I Currently Own ** of ** USA Released Games For This System

Panasonic – 3DO Control Pad (FZ-JP1X) (Boxed)
Panasonic – 3DO Control Pad (FZ-JP1X) (Boxed)
Performance – GamePad6

Kodak Photo CD – Version 2 (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork)

Books & Magazines
3DO Game Secrets (Zach Meston & J. Douglas Arnold)

Developer Software
3DO Portfolio 1.1 & 3DO Toolkit 1.2 (Disc Only)
3DO Portfolio 1.2 & 3O Toolkit 1.3
3DO Portfolio Version 2.5 (Disc Only)
3DO Portfolio Update Version 1.3 (Disc Only)
3DO Toolkit Version 1.4
Cinepak CD Sampler 1.0

Games (Opened) (European)

Games (Opened) (Japanese)
Escape From Monster Manor (Case Artwork, Disc, Manual)
Powers Kingdom (Disc, Manual)
Ultraman Powered (Disc)

Games (Opened) (USA)
3DO Buffet (Disc, Manual, Win Free Game Card, Sleeve)
3DO Interactive Sampler 4 (Instruction Card, Sleeve, Disc
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons – Slayer (Disc)
Alone In The Dark (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork)
Blade Force (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork)
Escape From Monster Manor (Box, Disc, Manual)
Fifa International Soccer (Disc) (Not For Resale)
Gex (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork) (Not For Resale)
Gunslinger Collection – Disc 2 of 3 – Mad Dog II The Lost Gold (Disc)
Hell – A Cyberpunk Thriller (Case Artwork, Cover Insert, Disc
Killing Time (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork) (Red Disc)
Myst (Box, Case, Manual, Disc)
Panasonic REAL 3DO Sampler CD (Disc) (DFJN5001ZAZ)
Pebble Beach Golf Links (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork)
Psychic Detective (Box, About Movie Manual, Playing Movie Manual, Disc1, Disc2, Disc3, Welcome To The Future Booklet)
Return Fire (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork)
Samurai Shodown (Disc)
Sample This (Disc, Manual)
Sewer Shark (Disc)
Shelley Duvalls – Its A Birds Life (Disc)
Soccer Kid (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork)
Star Blade (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork)
Total Eclipse (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork) (Not For Resale)
Tripd (Box)
Twisted The Game Show (Box, Disc, Manual) [Not For Resale version)
Waialae Country Club (Disc, Manual, Cover Artwork)
VR Stalker (Disc Only)

Games (Unopened) (USA)
Sample This

3DO Development Tower
Panasonic 3DO FZ-1 (System, Manual)